10cc Syringe Tool

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This page is still a draft! Links and instructions have yet to be populated!

This tool controls the dispensing of 10cc Syringes with Luer-Lock Style Tips. It can be utilized for adhesives, gels, and other media for applications in chemistry, biology, or for fun.

A 10mm cube made from Pluronic F127

Hardware Specs

Steps per mm HERE

Parts to Buy

Assembly Tools

3D Printed Parts and Settings

Common Settings

Parts and Special Settings

Gel Extruder

Qty Part Source Note
1 Plunger Actuator
1 Pulley Block
1 Belt Retention Base
1 Belt Retention Spacer
1 Wire Management Shroud
1 Left Parking Wing V2
1 Right Parking Wing V2
1 Gel Extruder Base

Parking Post

Part Inspection

Assembly Instructions


Parking Post


Software Configuration