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This tool controls the dispensing of 10cc Syringes with Luer-Lock Style Tips. It can be utilized for adhesives, gels, pastes, and other media for applications in chemistry, biology, PCB assembly, robocasting, and plenty of other use cases.

Syringe tool.png
A 10mm cube made from Pluronic F127

Hardware Specs

  • Accepts 10cc Luer-Lock Style Syringes that, in turn, support a variety of syringe tips.
  • 8000 steps-per-mm at 16x microstep factor. 500 steps-per-mm if using whole steps.

Parts to Buy

All stock parts are called out in this shopping list. Note that some suggested purchases come in packs of components instead of individual quantities.

Assembly Tools

3D Printed Parts and Settings

Print all parts in the default model orientations using the following settings. Note that some special settings exist for particular parts; they are noted in the table.

Common Settings

  • PLA
  • 0.4mm nozzle
  • No supports
  • 0.2mm layer height
  • 6 perimeters ← this is esp important for parts with heat-set inserts
  • 20% infill (any pattern)

Parts and Special Settings

Assembly Fixtures

Qty Part Source Special Settings
1 Clamp Collar Spacer
1 Drive Pulley Spacer

Syringe Tool

Qty Part Source Special Settings
1 Plunger Actuator
1 Pulley Block
1 Belt Retention Base
1 Belt Retention Spacer
1 Wire Management Shroud
1 Left Parking Wing V2
1 Right Parking Wing V2
1 Syringe Tool Base Print with Supports from build plate only.

Parking Post


Part Inspection

Ensure that the surfaces of parts that touch the 3D printer bed are flat. Parts that have peeled off the 3D printer bed cannot be used, as they can cause various issues with this design in particular.

Assembly Instructions

Syringe Tool

Parking Post


Software Configuration