Bondtech Direct Drive Extruder

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Bondtech direct drive extruder.png

This is the default extruder. It’s compatible with both an E3D V6 and an E3D Volcano hotend. This extruder will work with the fabrications specs below with nozzle temps up to 250C and a bed plate temperature up to 80C.

Note: motor heatsinks are not optional! If you operate the motors without heatsinks, the tool plates will warp from the heat. Exposure to radiated heat from the nozzle and the bed is fine up to 80C

Parts to Buy

For a set of two extruders, all parts to buy are called out in this spreadsheet tab.

Assembly Tools

3D Printed Parts and Settings

Common Settings

  • PLA
  • 0.4mm nozzle
  • No supports
  • 0.2mm layer height
  • 6 perimters
  • 20% infill (any pattern)

Parts and Special Settings

Assembly Instructions


Tool Wiring Step.jpg

There are many ways to wire Jubilee tools, so feel free to take the option below as a suggestion.

Extruder to Duet.png

Note that these wires are rather long because they must loop over the frame in an arch fashion and then return under the frame to the back of the machine where they are plugged into the control boards.

The image on the right shows how to wire tool1 (Extruder 0, E0) to the Duet.