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** [https://www.printables.com/model/120147 3D-models + duet configuration] by TypQxQ
** [https://www.printables.com/model/120147 3D-models + duet configuration] by TypQxQ
** [https://github.com/TypQxQ/KnobProbe_Klipper configuration for TypQxQ's version of jubilee-klipper] by TypQxQ
** [https://github.com/TypQxQ/KnobProbe_Klipper configuration for TypQxQ's version of jubilee-klipper] by TypQxQ
** [[configuration for ImpC's version of jubilee-klipper]] by xon (to be linked, but can be extracted [https://github.com/Xonman/JubileeKlipper here])
** [https://github.com/Xonman/KlipperOffsetProbe configuration for ImpC's version of jubilee-klipper] by Xon

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Assembly Tools

  • T-Bar Tool by edskull
    • “to aid in setting offset between Carriage Faceplate and Twist Lock.”


Hemera Extruder Mounts

E3D Titan Aqua Mount

Extruder Ooze Control

  • Long Ooze Wiper by HaythamB
    • “A longer version of the default ooze wiper designed to fit a Hemera mount. Has 4 to 5.6 mm of clearance to the front Z-axis bed mount on Jubilee V2.”
  • Ooze Blocker by HaythamB
    • “Simple ooze blocker for parking nozzles over 3mm high temperature silicone pieces. Prevents nozzle ooze during parked position, and just makes life a little bit easier when doing multi-material prints.”

Dragon Hotend Mount and 3 Side Cooling Shroud

  • Dragon Hotend Mount by edthesped
    • Mount with integrated heat sink cooling shroud for the Dragon Hot End. To use the mount the groove mount adapter needs to be removed and attached with the supplied four 2.5mm screws. The mount uses the same 3mm heatserts that are used for the V6 mount and is to be attached as shown in the original Jubilee instructions. PTFE length for this is 47.73mm though I shortened mine by around .75mm to minimize separation between the tip of my nozzle and the end of Z limit switch. Note, if you use the 3 sided cooling shroud the wiper assembly will need to be removed to allow for clearance of the cooling shroud, I'll be working on a solution for that in the future. Also Tpfree and Tpost will need to be modified to keep the carriage from pushing the tool into the frame.
    • See PDF for details

Voron Afterburner (E3D v6)

    • See PDF for assembly instructions

Cable Management Bracket with PTFE compression fitting

Cable Management Bracket by edthesped

  • Remix of the Cable Management Bracket that is longer and adds a compression fitting for PTFE tube. Threads print best if bracket is printed vertically.

Frame Mods

Software Mods

  • Install OpenCV
    • Comprehensive installer for OpenCV on Raspbian (raspberry Pi). Does NOT install virtualized.
  • Duet Web API
    • Python interface to Duet RepRap V2 or V3 firmware.
  • TAMV
    • TAMV = Tool Align Machine Vision for Duet based tool changing 3D printers.
    • Setting up TAMV
  • Setting up a PT1000 temperature sensor by Doug on the Discord server
    • A guide on how to get a PT1000 temperature sensor configured on a Duet board
  • Firmware Config Script
    • Helps when making small changes to things like tool offsets, motor limits, etc. to propagate the changes to all G-Code config files

Z-offset KnobProbe / Doorknob-probe