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Assembly Tools

  • T-Bar Tool by edskull
    • “to aid in setting offset between Carriage Faceplate and Twist Lock.”


Hemera Extruder Mounts

E3D Titan Aqua Mount

Extruder Ooze Control

  • Long Ooze Wiper by HaythamB
    • “A longer version of the default ooze wiper designed to fit a Hemera mount. Has 4 to 5.6 mm of clearance to the front Z-axis bed mount on Jubilee V2.”
  • Ooze Blocker by HaythamB
    • “Simple ooze blocker for parking nozzles over 3mm high temperature silicone pieces. Prevents nozzle ooze during parked position, and just makes life a little bit easier when doing multi-material prints.”

Frame Mods

Software Mods

  • Install OpenCV
    • Comprehensive installer for OpenCV on Raspbian (raspberry Pi). Does NOT install virtualized.
  • Duet Web API
    • Python interface to Duet RepRap V2 or V3 firmware.
  • TAMV
    • TAMV = Tool Align Machine Vision for Duet based tool changing 3D printers.
    • Setting up TAMV
  • Setting up a PT1000 temperature sensor by Doug on the Discord server
    • A guide on how to get a PT1000 temperature sensor configured on a Duet board
  • Firmware Config Script
    • Helps when making small changes to things like tool offsets, motor limits, etc. to propagate the changes to all G-Code config files