Duet3 Frame Wiring Diagrams

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Note: This page is under construction!


Within the Duet 3 family of boards there are several possible boards and board combinations which can be used to build a Jubilee and its tool heads. Some of the common setups include:

  • Duet 3 Main Board (6HC) along with one or two Duet 3 Extension Boards (3HC).
  • Duet 3 Main Board (6HC) along with one to four Duet 3 Tool Boards and a Duet Tool Distribution Board.


Configurable Diagram

Duet 3 Frame Wiring Diagram

Using the DrawIO viewer for the diagram gives you access to the layers in it. This allows you to configure the diagram to reflect the components you are using. For example, it allows you to show the wiring for a Duet 3 main board, extension board, tool boards, and a BL Touch sensor.

The following layers are available:

With 1 or 2 Extension Boards

Duet3 frame wiring.png

With Tool Distribution Board and 1 to 4 Tool Boards


Draw IO

The diagrams are created using DrawIO. If you would like to view them in DrawIO (or work on them), please follow these steps:

  1. Download and install DrawIO from DrawIO Download
  2. Run DrawIO
  3. Select File -> Open Library and select drawio-library.xml
  4. Select File -> Page Setup and change Grid size to 5.
  5. Open duet3_frame_wiring.drawio
  6. If the Layers dialog is not visible, open it using View -> Layers

Editing notes:

  • Make sure the correct layer is selected when adding new components to the diagram! Adding connected components on different layers will cause "interesting" behavior. E.g. connecting lines will only be visible if both layers are enabled. You can view and change the layer a component is on by selecting the component and then clicking the "Into box" icon in the layers dialog.
  • Most Jubilee components have custom connection points configured, but not all of them. If you need to change them, see Edit Connection Points