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  • The Jubilee? Jubilee?
    • For the machine, just Jubilee is good. For the project, the Jubilee Project works.
  • Where did the name come from?
    • The short answer is: "because I was so happy I got it working." The long answer is that I wanted a name that didn't take itself too seriously and tied to a feeling or some sort of human experience. I think the NASA Mars Rovers do a great job of this with names like Sprit, Opportunity, and Curiosity. I think Jubilee would be a sweet NASA Mars Rover name. --Joshua

Sourcing Parts

  • Can I buy Jubilee as a kit?
    • Yes, actually. In a community collaboration, Jubilee is now available from Filastruder.
  • Can I build the project from source files?
    • Absolutely. This route gives you the flexibility of customizing the build, and perhaps saving some expenses with components or tools you already have. Do note that, depending on your region, some parts may take much longer to arrive in your area, and the ordering process can be quite involved.

System Design

  • What does 'E3D Compatible' mean?
    • This means that Jubilee can lock Tool Plates made by E3D. This design choice lets you build custom applications using E3D's tool plates as a base as well as making Jubilee compatible with a variety of E3D's canonical extruder tool designs. (For E3D tools, you will still need to adapt the parking post onto the front of Jubilee's frame.)


  • On the power supply, why is V- connected to GND?
    • Internally, these power supplies do not electrically connect V- to GND. This is for added flexibility from the manufacturer in cases where you might want to stack power supplies to create higher voltages. First off, note that in our situation, the frame is connected to GND. We want V- to be connected to GND such that any detached live wires that contact any metal surfaces short to GND and blow a fuse, disabling the machine but not destroying any other electronics other than the fuse.

Design Choices

  • Why use heat-set inserts over square nuts?