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== Kits ==
== Kits ==
All laser cut parts for Jubilee V1 and V2 are now offered by [https://www.seemecnc.com/collections/jubilee/ SeeMeCNC].
Laser cut panels for Jubilee V2 are offered by [https://www.redmountainengraving.com/shop Red Mountain Engraving].
== Laser Cutting Services ==
== Laser Cutting Services ==

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Laser cut panels for Jubilee V2 are offered by Red Mountain Engraving.

Laser Cutting Services

You can send DXF files for all panels to a service that can laser cut parts for you. Here’s a list of places that can perform this service.

Laser Cutter Hardware Requirements

You will need at least a 40W CO2 laser cutter to cut through 1.57mm (1/16th in.) Delrin and 3mm (~1/8th in.) Acrylic in a single pass. For lower power lasers, multiple passes are needed. Also ensure that your fumes are being extracted properly as cutting Delrin releases small amounts of formaldehyde. You will also need a laser bed that can accommodate a 24x24 piece of sheet stock.

Notes on DXF File Types

Two types of file versions are available: * offset * original

Most laser cutters will directly trace the lines and arcs present in a DXF file. For these laser cutters, use the offset files. The offset files roughly account for the approximate width of the laser cutter focal point and will provide more dimensionally-accurate parts.

For the few laser cutters that perform kerf compensation, use the original files.

If you are unsure, using the offset files is probably your best bet.

Delrin Laser-Cut Parts and Quantities

1/8th in. Delrin

  • 2x Compression Flexure per tool

Acrylic Laser-Cut Parts and Quantities

3mm to 3.2mm (1/8th in) Acrylic

Note that these parts can also be machined from Acrylic and a variety of other materials.

Sourcing Sheet Stock

Delrin can be purchased in various widths from OnlineMetals.com and Eplastics.com

Online Metals



McMaster-Carr also sells Delrin, but it is not packed flat and may warp in transit.