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The following parts must be machined: * the twist lock shaft * the build plate * the crossbar

However, some vendors can either machine these parts for you, or they now carry them as a stock part. Note that these parts are already included in the Jubilee Shopping List.

The Twist Lock

The twist lock shaft was modified to be compatible with the specifications presented in the E3D ToolChanger. However, as it has slightly different features because the underlying system operates differently, it is a distinct part.

Purchasing Options

The Bed Plate

The bed plate is made from 6.35mm thick MIC6 Aluminum, colloquially known as cast tool plate. This tool plate arrives surfaced, meaning that it is extremely flat to a high degree of specification. MIC6 Aluminum also thermally expands evenly when heated, which means the plate will not warp when heated with a silicone mat as is common for 3D printers.

If you machine the bed plate yourself, you can purchase a 14in. x 14in. x 1/4in. sheet of cast tool plate from Midwest Steel Supply or OnlineMetals. Please refer to the dimensioned drawing for hole features.

Purchasing Options

The bed plate can also purchased from one of various vendors either with or without magnets. Magnetic surfaces enable the use of a magnetic spring steel build plate. Non-magnetic surfaces can be made printable with surfaces like glass.

The purchase options are as follows.

The Crossbar

The crossbar carries the X-axis rail and the tool carriage. The current revision is made from a 6mm thick plain-weave carbon fiber panel. Because the crossbar length is relatively short, and because Jubilee is not currently fully-enclosed, it does not experience warping issues from thermal expansion when the system heats up. Fully-enclosed systems will need their crossbars to be made from a different material that thermally expands more evenly with the attached X-rail when heated.

Purchasing Options

  • This part can be made for $50-$60 from Simply email them with an attached V2 DXF file to request that this part be made out of 6mm carbon fiber plain-weave.