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Welcome to the Jubilee Project wiki!

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Jubilee is an extensible multi-tool motion platform capable of running G-code for low force automation applications. Out-of-the-box, Jubilee is configured for multimaterial 3D printing and multicolor pen plotting, but we've had success with light liquid-handling and image stitching applications too. Jubilee is meant to be extended by the community through custom tools and applications. Have a new tool to add to the project repository? Simply check our contributing guidelines and submit a pull request.

While Jubilee's hardware is stable, its documentation is still a work in progress. Check back over time to see the sidebar populate with links, or check out our contributing guidelines to find out how to help us write them off.

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Join the Discussion

Join us on Discord chat to ask for assembly help, to discuss extensions, and to keep up with the bleeding edge of project updates. And for more of a demo reel, be sure to check out our budding subreddit.

Kicking off a Jubilee Build

Ready to build? Head on over to the build options page.