Specifying Your Build Options

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The V2 Shopping List assumes configuring Jubilee for 3D printing with two tool heads, but some alternate parts might be better for different use cases. All options are listed below, and options labeled as default are present in this shopping list.

Frame Configuration

Electronics Options

  • Default: Duet2 + Duex5
  • Duet3 + Raspi + 2 Duet Expander Boards
    • this is not yet officially supported with a config file, but the back panel has a hole pattern to accomodate these boards.

Bed Options

  • Default: MIC6 Aluminum Plate with embedded magnets
    • This bed plate should be fine operating at temperatures between 120 and 150C. Check your vendor for this limit.
  • MIC6 Aluminum Plate BYOM (Bring your own magnets) Style
    • This plate has pockets for magnets, but you will need to supply your own magnets
  • Plain MIC6 Aluminum Plate
    • this is especially handy for non-printing applications.

Crossbar Options

  • Deprecated: 6mm Carbon Fiber Crossbar
    • Light and stiff. This option was part of the original design, made by requesting a custom DXF from CNCMadness and installing four press-fit composite inserts. Assembly Instructions remain on the wiki.
    • ~140 grams + 20 grams with inserts
    • Top Speed: 15000 - 20000 mm/min.
  • Default: Aluminum Crossbar
    • a pocketed aluminum crossbar, enabling the machine to carry heavier tools and operate at higher temperatures without warping. It is also substantially easier to assemble than the carbon fiber crossbar.
    • ~160 grams
    • Top Speed: 15000 - 20000 mm/min.
    • US Vendor: Mandala Rose Works
    • EU Stockist: hightemp3d

XY Motor Options


Extruder Options

  • The Default Extruder can accommodate an E3D V6 (default) or Volcano nozzle without adjusting the heights of other components.

Planned Upgrades

  • Corner Plates - Made by Mandala Rose Works (also sold by hightemp3d in the EU)
  • Metal Stepper Plates - Made by Mandala Rose Works (also sold by hightemp3d in the EU)
    • These stepper plates are stiffer and have the added benefit of acting like heatsinks for the XY motors.
  • [Hemera Extruder Tool]
  • [9mm Belt Upgrade]
  • [E3D Tool Plate Style Bondtech Extruder] comparable to the default extruder