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The following specs apply to the latest 2.0.x version of Jubilee. For a play-by-play view of changes across versions, see the Changelog.

Jubilee v2.png

Mechanical Motion System Design

  • 300x300x300mm build space (with the default extruder). See the Build Volume Tool Relationship page for how tools change the effective build volume.
  • All purchased parts called out in the V2 Shopping List.
  • Designed such that the Z-axis can be adjusted to your liking with no changes to the XY frame or toolchanging setup.
  • Core-XY layout for high-speed printing. Rapids of between 20000mm/min and 30000 mm/min depending on XY stepper motors and heatsinking options.
  • Flush-Form CoreXY Belt Pattern. Upper and lower belts are laid out directly on top of each other, and belts only travel perpendicular to the frame. Belt-tensioning is done conveniently with two set-screws that adjust the motor locations along slots.
  • Designed with Exact-Constraint machine-design principles where possible
  • Kinematically coupled bed plate
  • autotramming with 3-point bed-leveling (courtesy of the Duet)
  • *Fabricatable.* Almost all fabricated parts are 3D printable. Printed parts are intentionally kept simple and minimize the use of support material. (Exceptions: the bed plate, crossbar, and toolchanger lock must be machined. See notes in the BOM for getting these parts made for cheap.)
  • Metric fasteners everywhere.
  • Documented with a comprehensive BOM and set of assembly instructions.

Tools and Tool-Changing

  • 409mm of horizontal tool rack space, capable of holding 4 default extruder tools
  • Detailed Space Specifications for adding custom tools presented in the Tool Interface Diagram (PDF).
  • Automatic Toolchanging System compatible with both homebrew and E3D tool plates
  • Sensored, torque-based locking system will lock down tool plates with a constant locking torque.

3D Printing

  • Stellar print quality with direct-drive extruders. Jubilee can compete with systems at the $5K price range.
  • Multicolor Printing possible *without* the need for a prime tower made possible by firmware-driven purge and wipe commands between tool changes. (This feature requires quite a bit of tuning to get working.)
  • Slicer-agnostic. All the complexity of juggling tools is handled at the GCode firmware script level. Slicers need only change to a new tool by invoking a *T0*, *T1*, etc. command.


  • User Extensible! Jubilee can accommodate custom tools and custom bed plates for specialized 3D-printing and uses beyond 3D printing. (See the Extending section)


  • Cycle-tested. Jubilee has performed thousands of toolchanges flawlessly.


  • Self-Sourcing parts for Jubilee cost ~$1500 (US). The default extruder costs ~$200 each. We encourage community development for a wider spread of tools at different price points.


  • Completely Open-Source with a CC-BY license. STLs, STEPs, and original Solidworks assemblies are included in the online project repository. Make use of the Jubilee design in ways that suit you.