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* [[E3D Titan Aqua Mount]] by EMRosa
* [[E3D Titan Aqua Mount]] by EMRosa
* [[ASMBL]] by E3D/Chris_was_here
* [[ASMBL]] by E3D/Chris_was_here
* [[Laser Tool]] by Chris_was_here
* '''Your Tool Could Be Here!'''
* '''Your Tool Could Be Here!'''

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Tool layout.png

Tools List

The current breakdown of actively maintained tools in the project repository is as follows

Tool Parking Post Assembly Instructions

Creating a Custom Tool

Tool template.png

Tools derive from the template in the tool template folder.

Component Placement

The shortcut to 3D modeling a tool with the right placements is to simply build on top of the CAD files in the template folder. However, starting from scratch is also straightforward.

To create a custom tool that locks into Jubilee's carriage, you must place the tool balls and the wedge plate in a specific location, specified in the Tool Template Reference Dimensions PDF.

Submitting a Tool