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The Jubilee Project evolves over time to collect community feedback and improvements. For the most part, that’s a good thing! These changes are made with respect to the original project's goals.


The latest version is hosted on the master branch of the Github repository. Note that all wiki links to source files in the repository will always point to this branch.

Previous Versions

For a play-by-play breakdown of what changed across versions, see the Changelog file.

Part Numbers

Jubilee uses a Part Numbering Scheme to tag parts specific to a particular version. You can use this scheme to identify what version of a part you have, what version it belongs to, and whether you should update it to a newer version. All parts that went through a revision are identified in the Changelog.


Broadly speaking, feedback comes from a few sources: issues opened on Github, conversations on Discord, and pilot builds by the original designer and a few grad students at a machine-building lab in the University of Washington. To provide feedback, simply open an issue or join us on Discord.


To get a better sense of what’s changing, here’s a breakdown of the project versioning number scheme.

X.0.0 to Y.0.0

  • significant frame changes. You must buy new extrusions. (There are no plans for this right now.)
  • greater than $300US (~20% of the frame cost)

0.X.0 to 0.Y.0

  • significant subsystem change. example: new machined twist lock example: greater than $25US in new parts
  • major bugfix
  • “breaking” change.
    • example: new firmware configs that are not compatible with old firmware

0.0.X to 0.0.Y

  • minor change(s)
  • tweaks to firmware config file
  • Updates for stock part compatibility
    • example: updating xy motion components to accept both Gates and Generic brand pulleys.
  • less than $25US in new parts

Source Files

The cad files come in two flavors, Solidworks, and STEP

Solidworks Files

The entire Jubilee assembly is released in the original Solidworks 2019 format, without an educational license restriction. This file preserves the entire hierarchical assembly and each part's Feature Tree. Snapshots are generated with Solidworks' Pack and Go feature.

STEP Files

The entire Jubilee assembly is also released as a STEP file. This file preserves the hierarchy of subassemblies, but it removes each part's Feature Tree, or design history as to how the part was created. The specific format is AP214, which preserves color.