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Just a run-down of the main frame characteristics.

XY Origin

When no tools are loaded on the carriage, Jubilee’s XY Origin is defined as follows:

Xy origin reference.png

There are two key features to keep in mind:

  • This location is the XY center of the Z Probe.
  • This location is one corner of the 300x300mm usable build plate space.

Putting the origin here has a number of benefits:

  • handles up to 2.5mm of assembly XY misalignment in the CoreXY frame relative to the bed.
  • makes it easy to define a 300x300mm build plate region in slicers
  • makes it easier (no negative numbers) to change the tool post locations of tools when viewed from the back
  • makes it easy to define tool offsets as offsets from a fixed point on the carriage, in this case, the Z Probe.

If you are using the bed plate STL sticker, the origin will appear in the correct place as shown below:

Plate origin offset.png

XY Tool Offsets

The above XY origin location is also “ZProbe Centric.” That is, when no tools are loaded, the ZProbe acts like a “virtual tool tip,” where all dimensions are based on the ZProbe location on the carriage. When tools are picked up, the machine’s XYZ locations are offset such that the machine’s tool tip location replaces the role of the ZProbe location.