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Let the build begin! Image Credit: @Danal on Discord

Building Jubilee can be broken down into the following high-level stages:

  1. Building the frame with tool-changer mechanism
  2. Connecting the electronics
  3. Tuning the build for its target application
  4. Building and connecting the tools

The instructions for the frame are detailed below.

For assembly instructions and wiring diagrams related to tools, see the page for that particular tool from the Tools page.

Questions about the assembly? Check out the FAQs, or reach out on Discord.


For the mechanical assembly, all subassemblies are detailed with step-by-step visual instructions.

Pre-requisite Knowledge

Frame Assembly Instructions

The instructions must be completed sequentially from Section 1 to Section 3. Instructions in the same section don’t depend on each other, so they can be done at the same time with a friend.

Part Prep

Before assembling the frame:

Section I

Some instructions relate to older versions of the design. They are:

Section 2

Additionally, video Links to the CoreXY assembly are provided below:

Section 3



Pre-Requisite Knowledge

Panel Layouts

Multiple electronics architectures are supported. Refer to the Duet Layouts PDF for screw mount locations for each setup.

Wiring Diagrams

All wires needed for the frame are called out in the corresponding wiring diagrams. Important Note: XY motors and ZZZ motors have different pinouts, which means their wires will have a different color coding. This color coding is respected in the diagram, but it is easy to mix up the included cables in real life. Do keep motors and the wires they came with together as a pair. Do not mix motor cables.

Duet 2 Wiring

Duet3 Wiring

This wiring configuration matches the existing config files for the corresponding control board.

Duet 3 Mini + 3HC Expansion Wiring

Control Board Provisioning

Both the Duet2 + Duex5 Expansion board and the Duet3 Mini + 3HC configurations are fully supported.

To get a sense of the firmware requirements needed for porting Jubilee to other control boards, see the page on Adding Control Boards.

Duet 2 + Duex5

Duet 3 Mini + Duet 3HC

Duet 3 6HC + 3HC Expansion

  • TODO

Duet3 6HC + Pi + 3HC Expansion

Duet3 Mini + Pi + 3HC Expansion


No "official path" exists for a Klipper Implementation of Jubilee, but there are 3 main options that you can adapt to your own motherboard and tool setup:

First Power-Up


Depending on your machine's target application, you may need to do some additional tuning.

Tuning Before Your First 3D Print

Tuning Before Multicolor Drawing


For assembly instructions and wiring diagrams related to tools, see the page for that particular tool from the Tools page.