Configuring the Duet2 Control Board

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These instructions assume you have a way to connect a MicroSD card to your computer, such as with an adapter. If you do not have such a connection, you will need to establish an ethernet connection by applying the settings over the USB connection first and then uploading the config files over ethernet. Those instructions are in Duet3d's documentation. (Note that this second option is substantially more difficult.)

Connecting and Uploading Files with a Duet2

Configuring a "Jubilee" style machine on the Duet controller is a matter of simply replacing the controllers "blank" configuration with the Jubilee configuration.

Unplug the Duet2's MicroSD card and plug it into your computer.

Open the SD card's file system. Copy and paste the contents in Jubilee's sys and macros folders from the repository into the respective *sys* and *macros* folders on the SD card, and overwrite all the files with the same names.

Remove the MicroSD card from your computer and plug it back into Jubilee's Duet controller. Jubilee is now ready to be powered on.