Pre-Flight Checks

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After you power on the machine for the first time, perform these pre-flight checks before issuing any machine commands.

Communication Check

Plug your ethernet cable (probably through a dongle) into your PC. Then navigate to the IP address you set previously or http://jubilee.local (RRF 2.4+ only). If you cannot connect, double check your setup in the Connecting to Jubilee instructions.

Before Homing

Before homing, the motors are disabled, so you can freewheel them without damaging the machine. This section will make sure motor directions are set correctly

Toolchanger Lock Axis Check

Rotate the knob on the REL such that the REL tab is touching the external limit switch. This will put the twist lock is in the horizontal (unlocked position).

Limit Switch Check

Check to make sure that all of your limit switches are responding. This is especially critical for X and Z. You can check this by manually triggering the limit switch and watching the corresponding LED on your Duet board respond.

XY Movement Check


Console Warnings

If you get a warning like this Error: motor phase A disconnected on drivers [driver number], something is wrong with your wiring. When checking motor wiring, power off the machine first! Then, check that (1) all motor connector pins are fully seated into their sockets. If so, give each motor wire a gentle pull to ensure that each wire is actually connected to the connector. Fix any wires that may actually be disconnected.

Z Movement Check