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Jubilee consists of a collection of stock parts, 3D printed parts, laser-cut parts, and machined parts. (Note: all machined parts can also be purchased by vendors specified in the shopping list.)

As of Feb 2022, a complete Jubilee frame kit is now available through Filastruder.

Buying parts

All parts to buy are called out in the current shopping list. Note that some items, such as extrusions and leadscrews, are cut-to-length. That is, they must be specified with certain details to get the right part. The spreadsheet details how to specify these parts to the vendor.

3D Printed Parts

All 3D printed parts were designed with the intent that they can printed on an economical printer (under $1000). The first Jubilee was printed from a Prusa Mk3s. See the Parts to 3D Print page for details on settings and specifications.

Laser-Cut Parts

Laser cut parts are made from either Delrin (aka: acetal homopolymer) or acryclic sheets. These are listed as raw materials in the spreadsheet. If you do not have access to a laser cutter, you’re in luck! Some vendors now sell pre-cut Delrin and Acrylic components as kits. Visit the Laser Cut Parts page for more details.

Machining Parts

Jubilee requires that 3 parts be machined. If you do not have access to a machine shop, you can buy these parts from specific vendors. (Buying these parts in the default option when viewing the Shopping List.) See Parts to Machine for more details.