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CoreXY Movement is Incorrect

This can manifest in various ways.

CoreXY moves in 45 degree angles when commanded in X-only or Y-only movements

This issue is most-likely a configuration issue where the kinematics are not set to CoreXY mode. Check the M667 Setting] in your configuration file to be sure that it is set to CoreXY kinematics.

CoreXY moves slightly off-axis when commanded in X-only or Y-only movements

This could be caused by a few reasons.

  • Mixed Drive Pulley Types. It's possible that one CoreXY motor has a 16 tooth drive pulley, and the other has a 20 tooth drive pulley. Check that both these pulleys are identical.
  • Mixed Motor Types. Check that both motors are either 0.9° per step or 1.8° per step. Additionally, in the configuration, check that the microstep factor set by M350 is set correctly. Note that motor types (0.9° and 1.8°) can be mixed, provided that the steps-per-unit setting is set accordingly.
  • Steps-per-unit setting. In the configuration file, check that the M92 Settings are correct for X and Y Drives, which are responsible for the CoreXY movement. Assuming a GT2 or 2GT belt, the setting is 2 * [drive pulley tooth count] * [microstep factor].

3-Point Bed Leveling Doesn't Work

TODO: write this

Motors Don't Move

TODO: write this. Mention Duet Drive "Short-Circuit" error message.