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Purchased parts for Jubilee are broken down into multiple shopping lists

Warnings About Cutting Your Own Extrusions

The shopping list specifies that the 2020 extrusions be cut-to-length by the vendor Misumi. This choice is intentional because Misumi can cut parts better (typically within +/- 0.1mm) than most Jubilee builders can without specialized tools. Later sections of the instructions also assume that extrusions of the same length are actually the same length; otherwise the squaring techniques in the instructions will not work. Long-story short: don’t cut the extrusions yourself unless you have a highly repeatable cutting setup.

Jubilee Component Vendors

Some small-scale manufacturers and part vendors are either reselling Jubilee’s hard-to-make parts, consolidating parts into kits, or selling modified parts from the stock model. These vendors are:


Depending on region-specific constraints some parts may be harder to purchase. We welcome suggestions and will list them here.

  • AliExpress Spring guides for tool lock: 2x of the 0.3x3x1000 version