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Many Slicer packages can be made compatible with Jubilee, provided that they respect the following two nuances.

  • GCode Style * Jubilee uses “Marlin-flavored” GCode accepting absolute travel command moves but relative extruder command moves.
  • Tool Change Convention
    • Since the firmware keeps track of changing tools, invoking a tool change from the Slicer is just a matter of sending over the “Tx” command (i.e: T0, T1, etc) of the desired tool to switch to. GCode after a “Tx” command will be executed with the printer holding “Tool-x.”

Machine Limits:

  • Restrict the build volume to 300mm x 300mm x 300mm
  • Firmware type should be set to either Marlin or RepRap

Setting up your Slicer:

Beginning GCode

Add this snippet as your “start” GCode

M190 S[first_layer_bed_temperature] ; Wait for the bed to reach printing temperature
G91 ; relative moves
G1 Z1 F900 ; raise tool 1mm
G90 ; absolute moves
T-1 ; Make sure nothing is parked on the carriage
G0 X150 Y150 F10000; Move to the center of the print area
M558 F500  ; Set the probing speed
G30 ; Do a single probe
M558 F50 ; Set a slower probing speed
G30 ; Do a second probe

Some Slicers do not prefix the rest of the GCode with the tool number. Since Jubilee starts with tools deselected by default, you will need to get your slicer to specify the tool it wants to use before actually extruding. To do this in Slic3r and PrusaSlic3r, the command is:


Other packages may or may not need something similar. Check your exported GCode file before printing!

Ending GCode

Add this snippet as your “end” GCode.

M106 S0 ; Turn off current tool's fan
T-1         ; desect current tool
G0 Z305  ; move bed all the way to the bottom
M104 S0 T0; turn off extruder 0
M104 S0 T1; turn off extruder 1
M140 S0 ; turn off bed
G0 X0 Y0 F30000; return home
M84 S600; disable motors after ten mins of inactivity

Tool Change GCode

Some slicers leave this section completely up to the user. You will need to ensure that the “T” command corresponding to the next extruder to use is placed before the set of extrusion commands for that particular tool. In Slic3r and PrusaSlic3r, this is the following command:


Additionally, PrusaSlicer and SuperSlicer require that you send a height command, or you may resume printing with the next tool in midair. To make this adjustment, add this line:

G0 Z[layer_z]

In other slicers, you may not need to add anything. Check your slicer output with a text editor before running your GCode!