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E3D Titan Aqua with coupling plate and wings attached.

E3D's Titan Aqua is a water-cooled HotEnd that simultaneously cools the Extruder. The E3D Titan Aqua requires a water-cooling reservoir and radiator with fan. E3D sells a separate kit containing a reservoir, radiator with fan, and all required fittings and tubing. The pump and radiator fan in E3D's kit are 12V only: for 24V printers please use a DC-DC converter.

Adapting the Default Tool Plate to mount an E3D Titan Aqua

The E3D Titan Aqua includes E3D's own "compact but powerful" NEMA17 extruder stepper motor but in order to minimize the tool's impact on usable y-axis, an LDO compact stepper was chosen; The LDO variant is 14mm more shallow. Photo of comparison.

Coupler Plate design

The tool coupling plate was designed using a combination of a CAD model of the E3D Titan Aqua and the default E3D V6/Bondtech tool plate. Closeup of tool plate.

Left/Right Wing Design

The left and right wing were designed simply to ensure the z-position of the tool plate while utilizing the same 47mm tool post design. Closeup of side view.

Water Cooling Reservoir, Pump, Hoses, and Fittings

Radiator/Fan and Pump/Reservoir mounted on side panel.

The water cooling kit from E3D comes with a radiator with 12V fan, 12V pump with reservoir, nylon tubing, silicon tubing, and various fittings. The kit provides enough of the "stiffer" nylon tubing to be bundled with the stepper motor, heater, thermistor, and fan wires. As a result, there were many options for mounting the pump radiator and fan.

12V mixed with 24V

12V stepdown converter.

The Water-Cooling kit from E3D uses a 12V fan and 12V pump and therefore cannot be plugged directly into a Duet2Eth board used to drive 24V fans. As a solution, the Duet Wiki provides instructions for using mixed voltages. It involves taking 24V from the power supply and using a step-down converter (e.g. LM2596 Buck Converter DC to DC Step-Down Voltage Regulator) to provide 12V+ to your fans. The ground pins for the pump and radiator fan are then connected to the Duet board for control. Duet3D link for connecting fans with mixed voltages

This provides the 12V needed for the reservoir pump and radiator fan, while allowing the Duet2Eth & Duex5 boards to maintain 24V for all other fans.

Effect on Other Tools

As a result of the increased size in Y over the default tool, the other tools' coupling plates needed offsetting. This design problem can be solved many ways; we chose to us a 15mm "spacer" with two 15mm M3 standoff press-fit into it. Closeup of spacer implementation.

Unfortunately, tool sag is a problem with this configuration. As a result, this spacer is seen as a temporary solution. Designing an elongated tool post to correctly move the tool out along Y while maintaining a square face to the carriage coupling plate would be preferential.

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