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Overview and Specs

This bed plate holds up to six standard well plates in a repeatable position. It can be fabricated from laser-cut, 3D-printed, and off-the-shelf hardware and assembled with conventional hand tools.

Here's a sample setup where Jubilee has been reconfigured with a Sonication horn to sonicate samples automatically:

Image Credit: Nadya Peek

Parts to Buy

All stock parts are called out in this spreadsheet.

Parts to Make (or Order)

3D Printed Parts and Settings

Print all parts with the following print settings:

  • PLA
  • 0.4mm nozzle
  • No supports
  • 0.2mm layer height
  • 6 perimeter layers (This is especially critical for parts that have heat-set inserts)
  • 20% infill * printable in the provided orientations
  • external perimeter first
  • uncheck "Detect Thin Walls" if your Slicer has this settings.
    • Otherwise, small gaps will not be filled.
Quantity Part Num Part Source Note
6 n/a bed attachment

Laser Cut Parts and Settings

The following parts must be laser-cut from 3.175 mm (1/8th in.) Acetal Homopolymer, aka: Delrin. Delrin can be sourced in the United States in sheets of 12-in. x 24-in. from OnlineMetals.

If you are certain that your laser cutter applies automatic kerf compensation (rare), cut the original DXFs. Otherwise, cut the offset DXFs. (If you are uncertain, cut the offset DXFs.)

To download the file, right click, and select "Save Link As."

Quantity Name Original DXF Offset DXF
1 Top Layer Upper Plate Original Offset
1 Top Layer Lower Plate Original Offset
1 Middle Layer Upper Plate Original Offset
1 Middle Layer Lower Plate Original Offset
1 Middle Layer Center Plate Original Offset
1 Middle Layer Left Plate Original Offset
1 Middle Layer Right Plate Original Offset
1 Bottom Layer Upper Plate Original Offset
1 Bottom Layer Lower Plate Original Offset

Assembly Tools

Assembly Instructions


Since Jubilee uses 3-point bed leveling to home the Z axis, you will need to adjust the three test points in your bed.g config file. Here is a suggested bed.g file with the updated probing locations below:

G30 P0 X195 Y40 Z-99999   ; probe near back leadscrew
G30 P1 X240 Y270 Z-99999    ; probe near front left leadscrew
G30 P2 X65 Y270 Z-99999 S3   ; probe near front right leadscrew and calibrate 3 motors
G1 X0 Y0 F10000

Furthermore, you'll want to home the machine before installing any labware. Otherwise Jubilee's carriage will collide with it during the homing sequence.

Apart from that, no other software changes are needed for this bed plate.