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The XYZ Probe Tool is a compact touch probe capable of inspecting objects installed into the machine or acting as supplementary way of homing the machine.

Xyz touch probe overview.png


  • kinematic coupling based design
  • looks like a mechanical limit switch in software
  • uses an off-the-shelf ruby-tipped cnc probe tip

Parts to Buy

All parts to buy are called out in this spreadsheet.

Assembly Tools

3D Printed Parts and Settings

Print all parts in the default model orientations using the following settings. Note that some special settings exist for particular parts; they are noted in the table.

Common Settings

  • PLA
  • 0.4mm nozzle
  • No supports
  • 0.2mm layer height
  • 6 perimeters ← this is esp important for parts with heat-set inserts
  • 20% infill (any pattern)

Parts and Special Settings

XYZ ProbeTool

Qty Part Source Special Settings
1 Coupling Junction
1 Base
1 Lid
1 Spring Stud
1 Wire Tab
3 Tool Ball Cup

Parking Post

Qty Part Source Special Settings
1 Parking Post Base xxH x xxW
1 Tool Holder xxH x xxW

Assembly Instructions

  • Probe Tool Instructions
  • Parking Post Instructions.
    • Note: this parking post uses 50[mm] dowel pins, instead of the normal 60[mm] ones.

Software Configuration